Project: 1947 Hamilton Gilman 982M

Lately I’ve had old Hamiltons on my mind so I made my next project a 1947 Hamilton Gilman with a 982M.  It has a larger bezel than most Hamiltons of this era which I thought was a bit unique.

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Project: 1970 Omega Geneve 135.070 Cal. 601

I picked up a 1970 Omega Geneve 135.070 Cal. 601 that I thought looked pretty nice.  It was advertised as working perfectly, as vintage watches always are, but when I wound it up it would randomly stop running; hardly a surprise.

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Project: 1974 Seiko Advan 7019-7320

I found this 1974 Seiko Advan 7019-7320 recently and thought it had some potential.  The glass is a unique faceted cut and in half decent shape.  The paint that fills in the minute hand is missing but I’ll replace it with some luminous compound.

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Project: 1991 Seiko 7002-7009

I was working on some backlogged projects and got around to this Seiko 7002-7009 diver watch that did not run.  It looked pretty decent and and all original so I figured it would be a simple enough watch to clean up.

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Project: 1969 Omega Seamaster 166.032 Cal. 752

A while back I purchased a 1969 Omega Seamaster 166.032 along with an extra movement for a new project.  I wore this watch occasionally for several months and it kept surprisingly good time but the rotor was obviously loose inside so it was time to get to work.

It looked pretty good overall. The crystal was signed, clear, and mostly scratch free.  The only notable imperfection was a slight crack on the edge of the attached cyclops; maybe in the glue holding it on.

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Bench Note: Cannon Pinion and Back-hacking

I was looking over a couple of Seiko 7002 movements that I recently brought back to life and noticed one of them was able to back-hack and thought it would make a good subject for a bench note.

What is back-hacking?

Back-hacking is when a non-hacking movement, our 7002 in this case, can be forced to a complete stop by applying slight pressure on the crown as if trying to set the time backwards a small amount. I have read on forums where enthusiasts sometimes admit to liking the ability to back-hack but it should be seen as a fault requiring correction. Continue reading

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Project: 1978 Seiko Actus 7019-7060 Service

I like the silver dialed 7019-7060 that I cleaned up so much that I decided to pick up another one.  Here is a before[left] and after[right] photo to start things out.  The glass has a chip in it at about 12:20 but I felt it was not very distracting and I preferred the original glass so I decided to leave it as is.  Aside from being cleaned up, the photo doesn’t show that it did not run a single tick before I began work but after complete it has been keeping time to about +2 seconds per day during testing in my winder.

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How To: Mainspring and Barrel Service

This post documents how to prepare a mainspring and barrel while servicing a watch.

To begin, make sure you have secured all your watch parts just in case the mainspring accidentally shoots across your workbench.  Parts will be strewn all over the place and you’ll have a much bigger chore than servicing a watch!  Take it from me, I’ve had this happen more times than I care to admit.  This step is an absolute must do!

With that disaster avoided, carefully pry the barrel cover off using your fingernails.  Lubricants inside the barrel assembly become sticky as they age.  This causes a significant amount of friction for the mainspring which results in a notable loss of power. Continue reading

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Bench Note: Amplitude and Rate Varies Once Per Minute

I noticed my beater watch was running a bit erratically so I put it away to await repair.  I finally got some time to take a look at it today and its cause and solution were very simple and I figured worth a post.

When I put it on my timegrapher a pattern was apparent; about once per minute its amplitude would drop dramatically causing a proportionate increase in its rate.  Because this was occurring with the frequency of once per minute and with good regularity I thought I should begin troubleshooting the part that makes a revolution at the same frequency: the second hand and the fourth wheel and pinion which it rests.

It it wise to observe first and look for the obvious so I began by watching the second hand sweep around the dial while observing the amplitude reading on my timegrapher.  Sure enough, the change in amplitude occurred every time the second hand passed by the minute hand.  I adjusted the fit of the hands and, voila, the problem was solved!

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Project: 1975 Seiko Actus 7019-7350

I decided that I wanted a blue watch and found this 1975 Seiko Actus 7019-7350.  I thought it was a unique looking watch but the glass was in bad shape.  With that being a major feature I decided to source a replacement before buying the watch.  Luckily, I was able to find someone with an genuine replacement so I decided to make this my next project.

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