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Bench Note: Amplitude and Rate Varies Once Per Minute

I noticed my beater watch was running a bit erratically so I put it away to await repair. I finally got some time to take a look at it today and its cause and solution were very simple and I … Continue reading

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Project: 1975 Seiko Actus 7019-7350

I decided that I wanted a blue watch and found this 1975 Seiko Actus 7019-7350. I thought it was a unique looking watch but the glass was in bad shape. With that being a major feature I decided to source … Continue reading

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Project: 1982 Seiko 4205-015T Part 1 of 2

I purchased this Seiko 4205 with aftermarket dial, hands, glass, and bezel from a Seiko flipper on eBay. My expectations were pretty low but had a need for spare parts and a little practice working on a smaller movement so … Continue reading

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Project: 1976 Seiko Actus 7019-7060 Service and Glass

My last post about the light restoration of the Seiko 7019-7070 seemed to have a bit of interest so I thought I’d do this again with my next project, a Seiko 7019-7060 from September 1976.

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Project: 1970 Seiko Actus 7019-7070 Before and After

This is an adaptation of a Reddit post covering the first watch project that I sort of documented as a test to gauge interest in this subject. Due to the way this post ended up on the blog, its format … Continue reading

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