Bench Note: Amplitude and Rate Varies Once Per Minute

I noticed my beater watch was running a bit erratically so I put it away to await repair. I finally got some time to take a look at it today and its cause and solution were very simple and I figured worth a post.

When I put it on my timegrapher a pattern was apparent; about once per minute its amplitude would drop dramatically causing a proportionate increase in its rate. Because this was occurring with the frequency of once per minute and with good regularity I thought I should begin troubleshooting the part that makes a revolution at the same frequency: the second hand and the fourth wheel and pinion which it rests.

It is wise to observe first and look for the obvious so I began by watching the second hand sweep around the dial while observing the amplitude reading on my timegrapher. Sure enough, the change in amplitude occurred every time the second hand passed by the minute hand. They must be slightly touching due to uneven fitment. I adjusted the fit of the hands and, voila, the problem was solved!

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Project: 1975 Seiko Actus 7019-7350

I decided that I wanted a blue watch and found this 1975 Seiko Actus 7019-7350. I thought it was a unique looking watch but the glass was in bad shape. With that being a major feature I decided to source a replacement before buying the watch. Luckily, I was able to find someone with an genuine replacement so I decided to make this my next project.

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Project: 1982 Seiko 4205-015T Part 1 of 2

I purchased this Seiko 4205 with aftermarket dial, hands, glass, and bezel from a Seiko flipper on eBay. My expectations were pretty low but had a need for spare parts and a little practice working on a smaller movement so I figured I’d take the chance. It arrived running but it almost looked like second hand was speeding up and slowing down, very strange! Continue reading

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Project: 1976 Seiko Actus 7019-7060 Service and Glass

My last post about the light restoration of the Seiko 7019-7070 seemed to have a bit of interest so I thought I’d do this again with my next project, a Seiko 7019-7060 from September 1976. Continue reading

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Project: 1970 Seiko Actus 7019-7070 Before and After

This is an adaptation of a Reddit post covering the first watch project that I sort of documented as a test to gauge interest in this subject. Due to the way this post ended up on the blog, its format is a little different from the upcoming posts. With that heads-up out of the way let’s get started on the first post to start warming things up on the site… Continue reading

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