Project: 1991 Seiko 7002-7009

I was working on some backlogged projects and got around to this Seiko 7002-7009 diver watch that did not run. It looked pretty decent and and all original so I figured it would be a simple enough watch to clean up.

The case wasn’t scratched up more than should be expected for a 27 year old watch. It had a pretty typical layer of crust and grime but nothing a little soapy water couldn’t handle.

It was pretty obvious why the watch wouldn’t run once I got the case-back off. As shown in the video below, the rotor had come nearly completely unscrewed and only required about 1/4 of a turn to come completely off of its threads; this watch simply wouldn’t wind.

I tightened up the rotor and confirmed its condition was acceptable and continued servicing this watch. All it needed was to be stripped down [left] and all its parts cleaned [right] and it proved to be a very good movement.

And with a fresh strap and new glass this has turned out to be a pretty nice watch. A rare example of a 7002; running nice with an original dial, hands, and bezel!

Thanks for watching!

-Watch Dog


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