Project: 1974 Seiko Advan 7019-7320

I found this 1974 Seiko Advan 7019-7320 recently and thought it had some potential. The glass is a unique faceted cut and in half decent shape. The paint that fills in the minute hand is missing but I’ll replace it with some luminous compound.

The crown is not original but I pick up enough 7019s where I’m sure I’ll come across the correct part number as a spare sooner or later.

Considering the origin of this watch and the incorrect crown I was actually surprised to see that the movement most likely has been serviced.

Although some time has obviously passed and its time for a clean and lube.

Once I got the caseback cleaned up it was apparent this watch has been worked on at least a couple of times over the years. I was impressed since most of these cheap old Seikos haven’t ever been serviced. It really showed in the final results because this was probably one of the best 7019s I’ve worked on as you’ll see in the timegrapher photo below.

Just a couple simple quick pictures of everything cleaned up and being reassembled.


And just for fun I got rid of all the damaged non-luminous paint on the hands and replaced it with some white luminous compound. I think it looks a good bit better cleaned up and lumed.

Here it is assembled and on the timegrapher. This really is a top performing 7019. After putting on a matching blue perlon strap this made a nice surprise for my wife. As they say, a happy wife is the key to a happy life!

Thanks for watching!

-Watch Dog

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3 Responses to Project: 1974 Seiko Advan 7019-7320

  1. ScottDavis says:

    I have the exact same watch in great shape. They are hard to find information on. What is it worth now days in good shape.

  2. Stephen says:

    I enjoyed reading this article as I’ve just purchased a 1973 version on eBay for just under £100, which appears to be original and is running reasonably accurately.
    The steel strap is not an advan original but I may replace this later
    The faceted glass has some small scratches that I intend to try and polish out but not a easy job because of all the angles!

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